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The world’s most accurate posture training & correcting system

Lia is AI-powered system that uses a smart wearable and mobile app to diagnose bad posture and provide the tools needed to correct it.
A Better Way to Get Back To Normal!
Lia is scientifically designed to improve your posture and provide a customized plan needed to help relieve neck pain & reduce back pain. Lia offers better accuracy than any other solution on the market.
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Posture problems
Scientifically designed to improve posture, fix various posture curvatures that cause pain, stiffness, stress
Three sensitive sensors
Analyze your particular posture and send a gentle vibration when you slouch..
Long-term effect
Doesn’t lead to falling back into your old, harmful bad posture.
Discrete Wear
Is worn discreetly under your clothes so you can wear it anywhere without anyone else knowing it’s there.
Custom program
After posture assessment, machine learning creates a training plan for you to tackle issues where you need help.
Bad posture is such a pain in the back!
How people treat back pain
Adults recover withing in 1-2 months using posture correctors daily
Have a recurrence within a year due to ineffective treatment
Use painkillers to reduce back pain instead of treatment
Reduced treatment cost when physical therapy is also included
Lia is a truefit solution to get desirable results in posture correction via spine workout
programs, training, and tracking using smart
wearable & mobile app
Very Comfortable
Lia is designed to be comfortable and fit well so that if you want to wear it all day long, it won’t hold you up.
Easy To Use
The Lia device is adjustable for the perfect fit so that you’re sure to get accurate information.
Effective Solution
Lia is for those who really want to see results in the most convenient but effective way.
Sharable product
It is not a product you will have on you all the time. After using it, you can easily clean and share it with family members and other people.
Phone Device Phone Phone Phone
Real-time spine tracking
With three sensitive sensors on the shoulders and upper back, Lia analyzes your particular posture and sends reminders when you slouch.
The device uses vibration to help you create an unconscious habit of good posture using muscle memory.
Posture assessment
Lia makes posture analysis and then, using machine learning, creates a posture training program to straighten back, neck, and shoulders muscles
Posture related workouts
Programs include upper & low back exercises, neck&shoulders workouts to help you create a habit of proper posture using muscle memory.
Daily tips & recommendations
Lia provides helpful tips that guide to proper posture, improve back health, relieve back pain, posture-related problems.
Subscribe to learn how to improve posture and ergonomics
We share recommendations to prevent back and neck pain, improve posture via postural and ergonomic education, and postural strengthening and stretching.
How Lia AI posture trainer actually works
Wear Lia device
Turn on a wearable device, holding the button on the left shoulder till the LED on the right shoulder lights green
Install app. Register your profile, then turn on Bluetooth and GPS and pair the wearable device to the app
Posture assessment
For better results, go through posture assessment, get personal analysis and ML will offer a custom training program
Training program
Professionals recommend doing training at least 3 times a week to improve your muscle memory and overall alignment.
Track statistics
After finishing recommended training plans, do a posture assessment and see real progress over time
Product Specifications
Posture sensibility
Vibration intensity
Lithium-ion technology
100mAh capacity
15+ hour battery life
Connected app
We recommend iOS 13 or higher and Android 9 or higher for the best app experience.
Bluetooth 5.0
USB-C charging port
Bad posture
  • Distorts natural curves of spine
  • Causes back pain, stiff neck and shoulders
  • Leads to feeling low and moody
  • Develops circulation problems
  • Impairs lung function
Good posture
  • Relieves muscles & back pain
  • Assists the anti-aging process
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves core and scapular strength
  • Increases self-confidence
How to get good posture?
Incorrect posture strains your spine and muscles, making them work much harder to keep you upright. Good posture can be created only when you do many activities together. You must do posture related workouts and activities in order to loosen muscles at certain places and strengthen muscles in another. Take over the bad habits, start to stretch and train your back and shoulders muscles and set a kind of reminder to create an unconscious habit of good posture using muscle memory.
Easy to wear
Recommended by doctors
Muscle memory development
Application to track the progress
Mechanically pulling back
Custom AI Powered program
General workouts to Improve Posture
Postural assessment
Other wearable devices
Simple brace
A Better Way to Get Back To Normal!
$85.00 USD
$149.00 USD

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How your posture is affecting your life

“Stop slouching!” - said your mom in your childhood. Good advice, but do you follow it now? Most of the time we don’t pay any attention to our posture while working, sitting, walking or cooking till we feel back pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Poor posture hurts your health more than you realize: carrying heavy packages, a baby on the hands or a laptop in the bag can affect the posture and cause curvatures in the spine. To relieve this pain we select different solutions: from posture correcting braces to painkillers.

The main thing you should understand is that good posture is not a way how you sit or stand. Bad posture habits affect the ​​muscular and skeletal structures, take its toll on the back and neck muscles, joints, and ligaments that results from certain muscles tightening up or shortening while others lengthen and become weak. It takes a long journey to overcome bad posture habits and improve your overall health and wellbeing. To become proper posture your second nature you’ll need not only the correct training program, but also consistency, awareness, and dedication.

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