Better Posture
Greater confidence
More wellbeing

Your Lia

Lia is a wearable along with its mobile app that helps people gain a habit of a good posture, so that in the future user is not dependent on the device. Unlike other competitors, Lia tracks shoulders and posture, and its coaching software program helps you to train your muscles in order to make good posture a second nature. There are 4 versions of Lia: Lia man, ... Lia woman, Lia child and Lia casualwear. Lia man and Lia Kid are very similar and stays discrete underneath clothes when worn. Lia woman is actually consists of sensors built in bra strap and can be a replacement strap for any bra with detachable straps. Positioning the sensors on the shoulders is the unique proposition of Lia products and it allows the user get the most accurate data to the app. A coaching and training module of the app will take the user through the process of turning the posture to a great one in just several weeks.

Lia Woman

Lia Woman is a smart posture trainer using Lia pebbles integrated into replacement bra straps that ladies attach to their existing bra(s). Replacement bra straps from Lia Woman mean it is easy (and fashionable) for women to be able to enjoy unobtrusive real-time feedback on posture.

Lia Man

Lia Man is an unobtrusive smart shoulder halter worn under clothing encompassing sensors (Lia pebbles), located in the ideal area of the shoulders for optimal performance. Sensing shoulder alignment using our patented technology the pebbles vibrate gently to indicate the slouching or mis-alignment of shoulders. The halter comes in nude colour and is adjustable to several sizes.

Lia Child

Like Lia Man, Lia Child is a smart shoulder halter worn under the clothing. The halter holds the Lia pebbles in the precise position for optimal performance. Slouching can become a habit at age between 8 and 13, so we developed a special unisex version for children. The sooner the habit is changed the healthier it is.

Lia Casualwear

Lia Casualwear is unisex t-shirt with removable Lia pebbles. There are two types which can be worn easily under any clothing. The clothing is washable after removal of Lia pebbles.Smart clothes are predicted to be the next step beyond wearables. Integrating sensors into clothes is becoming a trend and is predicted to rise in upcoming years. Smart clothing with a functionality of posture training is a technology alternative to already existing wearables.

Benefits of Good Posture


Correct posture with Lia gives an energy boost, reduces stress, leads to better breathing, increases productivity, concentration and thinking ability.

Strong core

Lia was developed to build both core stability and core strength. Daily goals are aids to build muscle memory and gain correct posture into a habit.

Decreased pain

Using of Lia helps not only reduce back and shoulders pain, but also prevent injuries,avoid taking medication and wearing of uncomfortable braces.

Good performance

Correct posture improved with Lia makes person look attractive, healthy and confident. Person with a good posture naturally exudes an aura of assertiveness and appeal.



Wear Lia device, turn it on
and connect mobile application
with device.


After connection calibrate the way
you would like your posture be upright and slouch positions.


Train your posture anytime you want,
set up daily goals to improve gradually
your posture.


Statistics let you track and analyze the
progress you’ve made from the first
training to the last.